8 Christmas Traditions for Couples

Thursday, December 3, 2015

I am big on traditions. There are moments from my childhood that

//Decorate the tree
Add some merriment. Even without kids, decorating the tree can be fun. Open a bottle of wine, put on the Santa hats and deck the halls.Enjoying it this much now means it will be even more enjoyable for your kids.

//Christmas Cards
It's a great way to get to snuggle up to your sweetie for those photos. And if you're anything like us, it's also a great way to get a laugh or two. We never sent them out when I was younger so I wanted to start this when we got married.

//Christmas Eve by the tree
We like to be home late Christmas Eve, by the tree, watching It's a Wonderful Life. Or rather, I made my husband like this tradition. The moments before kids where we can relax and enjoy the season before the rush of Christmas hits at midnight.

//Driving around to see Christmas lights
It's a tradition you can start when you are cramped up in your apartment as newlyweds, talking how someday you will decorate your house that way. Before you know it, it turns into a tradition with your children in the backseat sipping cocoa. Ours is Christmas Eve after we leave his parents.

//Warming up by the Fireplace
It can be real or fake. Roast some smores, sit in front of the fire and share about Christmas past. Childhood stories, stories about your future Christmases and what they might look like.

//Buy an ornament that represents your year
If you take a holiday picture every year, it's easy to make an ornament that shows off the Christmas card photo.  I always buy an ornament that shows something that happened the past year. One year it was our wedding another Disney and this year, well I haven't quite found the perfect one yet. I am even more excited for what kinda of ornaments I can add next year.

//Stuff the stocking
As much as I love presents, there is just something different about opening up a stocking. It's the small trinkets or practical gifts that lie inside the cloth lining. It's usually where we gift our ornaments, add some chocolate and even socks occasionally. Plus, we even stuff one for our current little baby.

/Christmas Get together
Hosting one at your house as a couple is a great way to have friends over during the holidays. It can be a themed get together {ugly sweater, swanky cocktail, etc.} or just a casual get together. Plus, everyone gets to see all those decorations that took awhile to put up!

These are just a few traditions you can start with your significant other. If you're really feeling fancy, you can even go ice skating or snowboarding.

What are your couple traditions?


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