2015 Goals| How'd I Do?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

RELAX. I think I have gotten better with this over the year. Am I completely cured of my desire to control? Um, definitely not. But there has been progress been made.

KEEP MY NAILS PAINTED. Success! I have kept my nails lookin fresh since approximately July.

BUDGET. We did it. We made a system. We made a large purchase, had medical expenses but weren't struggling to figure out where it came from.

ENJOY MY WEEKENDS. Can I tell you all the things I did with my weekends this year? I got my nails done, I enjoyed a plethora of showers from bridal to baby, weddings galore, Sunday lazy days, shopping days. It was wonderful to enjoy a full year of weekends.

CLEAN MORE. Let's ask my husband...

BE A BETTER WIFE. It was a tough year for us. No car, unemployment, sickness, death in the family. We had to support each other through the tough times. There were tense moments but those are the moments where our marriage was strengthened. The moments where I evolved in my role as a wife. We celebrated two years of marriage with big plans for year 3!

HAVE CONFIDENCE. In just the past 2 months, I have jumped into two new businesses. I had the confidence to put myself out there. It Works requires me to step out of my shell the most. Be confident that these products are amazing and this company can help everyone get out of debt.

Have you tried that Crazy Wrap Thing?

DISCOVER MORE OF MY FAITH. While I didn't find a church this year, I did start studying the bible more than I had been. It was a huge help the past few months.

The others on the list might not have been met...but I think i have grown so much this year and accomplished more of my goals plus extra ones I didn't even realize I wanted on January 1.

Get ready to see my 2016 on January 1. They might look the same, they might have evolved from this year's resolutions but I can say I am excited for 2016!

How did you do with your goals. resolutions for 2015?


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