Our {First} Anniversary

Monday, June 16, 2014

It is still hard to believe our FIRST anniversary has already come and gone. We have been married a whole 365 days? No way.


We are so last minute with our whole lives that we booked this anniversary vacation 2 weeks before we went on it. But it was amazing nonetheless. And the perfect way to wrap up our first year. Enjoy the serious picture overload of our trip and anniversary.

Eat Cake and Universal

Surprising: The cake was actually still pretty good. A little freezer burnt on the icing but I was pleasantly surprised for my 6 am cake feeding.

Who knew we would end up at Mardi Gras on our anniversary?

And see Robin Thicke in concert?

Where This Journey Began, At Magic Kingdom

disney engagement
We just had to

New FantasyLand

Be Our Guest Restaurant for Dinner
Folks, I was seriously beside myself. We even went in a half hour before our reservations. I mean, I was there 3 years ago when they started building it. And Beauty and the Beast is my absolute favorite. I have the best husband who agreed to spend a day here. And even got the best seats, in the grand ballroom.

A rose.

The Grey Stuff..It was Delicious!

Harry Potter World

Once again, best husband. We were able to get breakfast at the Three Broomsticks and then tour Harry Potter World. I will admit, it was approxiamtely 100 degrees. And no, that isn't being dramatic. So naturally, it was hard for us Jerseyans that haven't been exposed to above 83 degrees on a consistent basis lately. We sat and waited for rides. Then sat again. 

The Harry Potter ride, is no joke. That is a serious ride that if you have the slightest aversion to motion sickness, do not go on this ride. I repeat, do not go on this ride. We saw at least 3 people head for the nearest trash can after we got off and Brian and myself were doing some serious dazed and confused moves as we left.

We didn't even sadly, get the picture of ourselves on the ride because we both looked sick and dazed. Not the cutest look I have had. 

MMM Pumpkin Juice


And the husband got to enjoy himself in superhero heaven.

Iron Man *sigh*

Of course, there is a video that captures ALL the pictures from our trip. Feel free to indulge.

First Anniversary from Krista Moy on Vimeo.

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  1. We were going to go to Disney for our honeymoon, but it was way too expensive. I think we'll end up going for our anniversary! You guys look like you had a blast!! :)

  2. So glad you had a great time on your anniversary trip!!

  3. Happy one year!! Cheers to many more!


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