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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

as we all know, I have been trying to get this booty back in gear. I had been loving the heck out of the Bikini Series. Until it didn't love me back doing The Flamingo workout.

Stabbing pains up my back means, slow down and can't barely even walk. Then, I was working overnights for a little while which seriously messed with my sleep schedule and fitness routine. And after that was vacation and anniversary. Let's just say, we packed the sneakers but they never got used. And many high caloried drinks and meals were had.

I was very excited when Influenster decided to help me out with fitness goals and send me the #GoVoxBox. It was full of great products that really help with fitness goals.

PROFOOT Orthotics and Pedi Rock

These were probably the first thing I was excited about. I have the worst knees, ankles, hips on the planet. Starting my running routine again has definitely added the creaks and I was so glad to slip the orthotics into my sneakers. Didn't feel clicks in my knees and they even stay in place with small stickers for your shoes.

Oh, and the peddi rock. Definitely, not the typical pedicure rock as it's squishy! Easy to use and light enough to toss in your bag.

Next Step Fit N' Fill Protein Shake by Vitamin Shoppe


In the morning and after workouts, it can be a little difficult to find the time for a healthy snack or meal to get out the door. These are the perfect answer to that. Love the purple and has a different design than most blender cups. Does take some time to mix, otherwise you might get some chunks.

The flavors I received were very berry, french vanilla and chocolate. Vanilla was my favorite and the berry was a little weak for my liking.

Playtex Sport


Fact: They are tampons that are specifically for sports. They are just not right for me and my time of the month. Running or not. But don't let me deter you from trying them out.

Aqua Spa Bath Salts


What could be better for those sore muscles than a nice AquaSpa bath? The chamomile scent really calms you and can even help when you are in a packing frenzy. Just throwing that one out there.

Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds


Everyone should buy these now. They were a great snack to pop in my bag for the airplane since we all know how overpriced those snacks are now. Can definitely fit into the gym bag for a post workout munch. And the are absolutely delicious. These will be a consistent on my grocery list. Can't wait to try all the flavors.

Muller Yogurt


Picked up my yogurt at my local Acme, but it is also available at your local Shoprite, some Wegmans. It's a greek yogurt that combines with it some goodies. A nice corner surprise. One of which is chocolate malt balls. If I can be healthy and eat greek yogurt and still have chocolate malt balls, that is the one for me.

This time though, I went for the granola option. Plain Jane to start.And I was not disappointed. Some greek yogurts can have an odd aftertaste. (Or is that just me?) Plus, it's the easiest to just have your little goodies to add in the corner.

Now that I have all of these in my corner, I am definitely pumped to kick my fitness back into gear. This week calls for the 7 Day Diet, since the Tone it Up nutrition plan isn't in our budget. Sad face.

Have you tried any of these great fitness products? And what are your fitness goals?

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