Blondin' and Bobbin'

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In honor of a year since I chopped all my hair off, I figured I needed a new do. Which, you might have previewed on Instagram.

My last haircut/ dye was back in October when I had an utter two day disaster and was way overdue for an update. The dead ends and blah hair color had to go.

When I got back into the hairdresser chair, she asked what we were doing today. And I had no answer. 

She asked trim or cut. Shorter or same length. Colored or not. I had none of the above. 

She suggested a bob. And I said sure! And I also made the decision to go back to blonder. I mean, after this dreadful winter we had can you blame me? 

Oh, the blur.
I am now back to my blonde and have entered the world of the bob. And it was a definite plus with the Florida heat and humidity.

And I had said I wanted to grow out my hair. Silly.But I feel like I am ready to take on the world and the move with this new hair!

Have you taken on a new do' for summer? How great does it make you feel?


  1. Ahh you are the third person today who has posted new haircuts! I wish I had the courage. I love these short cuts but I always puss out and just trim it. I've been thinking about a new color though, maybe a light golden brown instead of my usual very dark brown.

    The cut is really cute on you. A bob suits you.

  2. Aw thanks!

    It helps my mom was a hairdresser. I've seen hair grow back so it doesn't freak me out as much. I love changing my hair. Even when I didn't change length, I changed colors all the time. It definitely helps for a fresh look!

  3. My sister is a hairstylist too. I used to cut and grow my hair all the time but then I realized that I'm at the point now that once I cut my hair short I probably won't grow it out again and so I've been afraid to take that plunge. Silly I know. Color change doesn't scare me though.

  4. Kate @ Classy LivingJune 12, 2014 at 5:30 PM

    I got my hair cut much shorter last week and I was wearing the same shirt you have on in that first photo. We are SO twins! :)

  5. Super cute! I can't believe it's been almost a year since I cut mine off too. I decided in January that I wanted to grow it out again though...I'm missing the long locks! But your bob looks so cute, it makes me re-consider!

  6. I love your new cut and how crazy are we!?

  7. Which also means a year since you've been married, cant believe that either I'm sure! I wanted to grow mine out too it was just so blah and it sounded great haha


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