Just Some 5 on Friday

Friday, June 20, 2014

{ONE} Even though packing is for the birds, I am so excited to move the more I talk about it. We have a washer/dryer (no more walking outside to do it!) and a walk-in closet. Be still my heart.

{TWO} This space has been seeing some crickets. Life decisions, packing and just lack of inspiration have been the main culprits. I will hopefully find my way back here from time to time the next week or two. Stick with me and follow on Instagram to see all the shenanigans

{THREE} It has been a hot one this week. It has made Lily quite the grumpy cat.

{FOUR} Being content in my situation. I am always looking for what can be better instead of just enjoying what I have.

{FIVE} This guy has been so amazing. He has been helping me with job things and packing. It has been a huge help and probably why I love him just so much. Plus, he's a great model as I get my photography skills in order.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Good luck packing and moving! Having a washer/dryer and walk in closet is awesome!!!


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