Friday's Letters..Sort Of

Friday, October 23, 2015

I know a few weeks ago I had this grand idea for Friday's Letters. As much as I want to sit and write about my silly things from the week or what's going on around, I just don't want to. And that's ok.

But I will write to you. Let you know that this week was nothing spectacular. I have been battling some sort of sickness, part sinuses, part allergies, that sometimes feels like a huge lump in my throat. To a person that gets anxious easily, it meant 50% of my week was telling myself that my throat wasn't actually closing up and that I wasn't going to be able to breathe.

Anyone with anxiety knows that this alone made me exhausted most days. Just trying to calm myself down takes more work than you might think. It's all I thought about for most of my week. Everything that could go wrong, everything else that felt wrong in my body. And this was on top of the normal every day worries. Exhausting.

Dinner was made 2 out of these past 4 days, ordered my groceries because dealing with that chaos wasn't happening and only worked out 3 times this week. Because Wednesday I was convinced my lungs were exploding. I have drank gallons of hot tea, ginger ale and soda to make sure I was swallowing properly and only had to text my cousin twice regarding medicine questions. Basically, it's been one of those weeks. The weeks that I am so glad is over and I can see ya later to.

My plans for the weekend include a lot of relaxing and a lot of nothing. And that sounds just about right.

Me. Sunday. 


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