Why Women & Budgets Do Not Mix

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Recently, we have put ourselves on a budget of sorts. We situated all 7 of our bank accounts to make sure we are saving properly but at the same time having fun. Now, when it came to each of our budgets for the month, things got tricky.

Trying to explain why I might need to be outside my budget some months was found to be quite hard. Men just do not understand that yes, we actually have to spend money on a lot. Don't blame us. Blame society.

First, there's primer. Then you have to contour. After there is blush and a translucent powder. Don't forget there is eyelid primer, followed by multiple eyeshadow colors. If you're really into makeup you can also have an eyelash primer. Mascara and then you can never forget the eyebrows. And let a woman loose in Sephora and you're in trouble.

Just getting highlights can start you off at an easy $100. Add a full head of color on there and a cut, that can bring you to about $200. It's not cheap to achieve the perfect hair color.

Unlike men, we like to change our clothes every season. What might have been popular last season just does not cut it the next season. Case in point: flares. I need a pair.

//Cute Bras & Undies
All I really need to say is Victoria's Secret.

There's adult acne, no fun. yet, you are getting wrinkles. And sometimes the cheap stuff no longer cuts it as you are past your college years. It's the expensive stuff in the hopes it will rid you of reminders of your younger years.

Whether you are a DIY girl at home or go to get your nails done, it costs money. You have to either buy all the supplies or pay someone to do them every few weeks. I can say, the past few months actually getting my nails done has put a little extra pep in my step.

Rings, purses, necklaces, shoes, oh my! Theses are all of the things we need to pull an outfit together. Have you ever seen a woman that does not have the right pair of shoes to match her outfit? My husband has and it's not pretty.

Looking at all of these, yes, they are technically more wants. Yes, I could not dye my hair but when you've been doing it since you were 15...kind of have to. I know I don't need a new whole wardrobe every season, just a couple of pieces will do. See, I am slightly reasonable, but it's still hard and expensive to be a girl.

Make sure to share this list with your husband or boyfriend when they want to tak about your "budget" or "spending" to let them truly understand.

What do you like to have in your budget?

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