Don't Just Dream It. Do It.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

From the time you are little, people start asking you what you want to be when you grow up. Teachers, parents, relatives want you to have big dreams. You work towards those dreams from the time you start kindergarten.

As time goes on, some dreams might shift or change completely. For example I learned that I couldn't very well be a CSI when blood makes me faint. That dream was replaced with another dream. And that dream with another. As I achieved certain dreams, it was replaced with another.

Once I became a wife, it was my dream to have a marriage that lasted, a dream I work on every single day. Our dream was to save enough for a house, that meant budgets and not spending all my money. Your dreams can become a reality, you just have to work at them and know which ones are your true dreams and which ones are just another hobby.

I add a new dream to my list weekly. My husband has gotten used to the phrase," You know what I want to do?" But even if it's a temporary dream, I give it a shot. I try it. I see if I am capable of fulfilling it and if I really want to.

Flip Houses
We've all seen the HGTV shows. Fixer Upper. Make it worth a million dollars. It's what I desired to do for the longest time and really researched it thinking we could do it. Now, I've learned that buying/selling a house is so tedious that I couldn't imagine myself going through it over and over. Let's leave that to the people on the TV shows.

Start an Etsy business
Remember my Framed Ring Holder? I thought it was the perfect excuse to start an Etsy shop. There are supplies sitting in a drawer and pins on the logistics of it all. But I haven't gotten down to it just yet. Maybe this will be saved for my stay at home days. Maybe it's meant for a different season in my life.

Sell It Works
You know those crazy wrap things? I have been debating whether I can sell them and supplement my current income. I don't see myself being one of those "I am a millionaire from selling this!" but I have entertained the idea of trying it out. How would my introvert self work that out I might wonder.

Blog full time
First step: Signed up for Helene's "Quit Your Job to Blog" course that starts next week. And she makes over $7k a month off her blog. Goals to be a one day stay at home mommy blogger because I am supposed to be my own boss. I would be great at it.

Write a book
Somewhere in my storage totes of memories, I have a 3rd grade 20 page book I wrote. Something along the lines of a girl on a journey. If I ever find it, I will share with all of you the words that came to me at such a young age. I want to sit at a blank space and really write. See what I can come up with.

Be a Hot Momma
Still holding strong to this one. Some might label it as MILF status. Some might label it as fashionable momma. Plain and simple, want to be given the opportunity to be a mom and be the best one I can be. 

Be a professional photographer
Ask any friend or family member and they would say I was the one always with the camera. I love candid shots the best and being able to capture memories. With my mom gone, I really treasure the memories from the pictures and I always dreamed about being behind the camera for big moments. As much as I love taking pictures and playing around with the DSLR camera, I see it more as a casual hobby. I won't start my own photography business but I will gladly capture special moments in our lives and everyone close to me.

What are some of your dreams?


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