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Monday, October 19, 2015

This weekend I got the chance to let out my inner Sex and the City girl by taking an On Location Tour in New York City. On Location Tours provides multiple tours for all the TV & movie lovers. The TV & Movie tour. The Gossip Girl tour. The TMZ Tour. But as Sex and the City lovers, it was our first choice!

Cousin's Day
Once you book your tickets, you are sent a very detailed email regarding meet up points and what you should and shouldn't bring. This tour picked us up in front of The Plaza. Home of many New York moment movies. 

And Sex and the City fans, how can we forget the famous intro to the second movie reminding us all how they met? You stand right in front of that fountain to check-in and it's the same place Carrie and Charlotte walk through.

Check in is really convenient, no paper tickets needed. The sooner you get there to check in the closest you will be towards the front of the bus. That comes in handy when you are The Pleasure Chest or for the Bar. All it does is allow you a few extra moments to peruse or take pictures. This would be the same for every tour I am assuming. Most of the tour is spent on the bus driving by the locations from the TV show and the movie. A little disappointing not being able to see some of them but making notes to revisit is always an option. 

Restaurant scene where they run into Aidan & Steve..the exes. 

You are shown clips of each location you stop at or see which puts a reminder in your head that they were there and now you are too! It really puts the place forefront in your mind. These are the places we did get to stop at and see up close.

The Pleasure Chest
There is plenty of time to shop around in here for a little fun for the bedroom. No pictures are allowed for obvious reasons...but just leave it to the imagination on the sort of things you can find here. 

Or you could also pop in the nice cafe down the street to use the bathroom, The Surf Shop. If we had time to stay, it was the perfect relaxing atmosphere.

Sitting on the window bench.

Aidan & Steve's  Restaurant
Cosmos encouraged! They offer a generous cosmo for $10 so you can feel like one of the girls on a Saturday night sipping a cosmo.

Buddakan Resturant
The site of the Rehearsal Dinner for the wedding that never was. There is someone there ready to make reservations for your next gathering, too. If I was a local, I know this might be a great place for a birthday party.

Carrie's Front Steps
This is the most anticipated stop of the tour. The actors never actually got to go inside the apartment building until the very first movie (New Year's Eve scene.) The current owners have strict rules that we couldn't cross the street while on the tour. But if you stop back on your free time you might be able to get up close to them and actually stand in front of the stairs.

Our tour guide was super nice and knew her stuff with regards to the language and expressions from the show and made the Sex and the City Tour truly authentic. She kept us entertained and laughing. All of their tours are run by local actors/ actresses to make it extra interesting and really get you involved in the tour. Overall, I really enjoyed the tour and On Location does a great job of making sure the tour guides are there to help you out even when the tour is over by giving directions, recommendations, etc.

You have the chance to win your very own tickets to an On Location Tour! This can be for your visit to New York or they also have tours available in Boston and Washington D.C. They do not expire so it's great to plan ahead for the holidays or spring. And there is a Christmas tour that takes you through the Christmas Window display, a site to be able to see.

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