Back to my Future

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Today is October 21, 2015. Back to the Future Day. Where flying cars were supposed to be happening and colander hats are a thing.

It's a funny thing when you look 30 years into the future You never know what it's going to look like. I always thought 28 was so.old. And I would have my shit together by now. But guess what? There are some days where I am really not sure. Looking 30 years into my future, I will be 58. Now, that's old. Who knows what crazy things can happen in my life and the world. Here are my predictions.


Dunkin Donuts delivery everywhere.

You can get anything in a box subscription. 

Hangover cures. Lucky college kids.

Dream house acquired
Just enough to fit family for long weekends

Kids a plenty. I assume I will get over my baby fears soon

Said kids will find my social media presence and use it to their advantage. 

New boobs. Because why not?

Some sort of self driving car.

Student loans forgiven for anyone over 50. Am I expecting too much?

Embracing my way into 60.
Yup. She's 60.

Not embracing gray hair. 

Working from home jobs grow.  I'll be one of those people. 

Flip phones are back.

Still happily married.

Will be looking fondly at no wrinkles.

What predictions do you have for 30 years from now?


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