Why Does There Always Have to be Something Missing?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Before we got engaged, all I could think about how I was missing that diamond sparkler on my left hand.
Then, I thought about how I was missing my fiance way too much and wanted to live with him and not drive over an hour.
said goodbye to long distance.
After that, it was all about planning the best wedding and going on the best honeymoon to Hawaii. All I wanted.
Hawaiian honeymoon.
After that, I wanted a new place where I had a washer/dryer, larger space and felt more like a home. Maybe an actual house.
just moved.
Why does something always have to be missing? Why do we always look for that one thing that can be different? Why can't we just focus on what we have and say, Damn, this is pretty darn great.

I would be the biggest hypocrite if I said I have gotten better with this because I haven't. Ask me what I'm missing right now and I would tell you a house, new car, new boobs.

Ask me this a month ago, I was missing a washer/dryer and an air conditioner that worked in the place we lived in. I now have both of those things and can still focus on what else I am missing.

Women tend to compare, compare, compare and make themselves feel like they are always missing out on something. Or something is always missing from their life. We have a really hard time just realizing what we have right at this instant is what we missed before. These are the things we wanted just a few months ago so why can't we just be content with that for a moment? And maybe men, too but women are definitely the worst sex with this.

Instead, something new keeps replacing that "missing" feeling. How can we feel whole as a person if constantly feel like something is missing from our lives. Why do I always have to find something that can be better or something is wrong?

I have the best husband. I have the kitty I wanted for years. I can do my laundry while also having a 30 second dance party. Yet, there is a part of me that keeps saying yea, it's great. But something is missing.

What I am given right now, is perfect for where I am supposed to be right now. We couldn't handle a house right now but we were given a new place, with more room and less cost to us a month.

In reality, nothing is missing from my life. We have everything we need at this moment. I have to remember that God gives me what I can handle. He thinks right now, this is what we need and can handle. I am not missing anything. All I need I have with me.

When I have these moments of well I want this or I am missing this, I need to sit and reflect on these opportunities I am given right now. These opportunities are meant to help me grown, help us grow as a married couple.

We are figuring out how to be a "we" and how to work together. We are learning how to handle our finances to ensure our future and our kids future is secure.

Right now, I am given the opportunity to realize my passion before we settle down and start a family. We are given the opportunity to observe our friends who have houses and learn from them. I am given the opportunity to go on spontaneous trips with my husband and enjoy our time together in a small place.

Let's all stop comparing and thinking of what we are missing. Let's all remember we are given opportunities to grow and we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

Got that, Krista?

Do you find yourself constantly missing something and wishing you had something else in your life?

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  1. I so needed this because I am constantly thinking of what else I need in the next step. It never stops! It is definitely something I find myself trying to work on. I have such wonderful things and am so very lucky, I just need to stop and remember it!

  2. I am the same way... I'm always on to "What's next!!" It's so hard to stop and focus on the right here, right now, I have everything I NEED, I'm okay. I'm always wanting something else whether or not its something big or little.

  3. Great post girl! I am definitely guilty of this... I am always thinking ahead and trying to count down to something. I am trying hard these days to just be content in the season that I'm in--but it's so hard!

  4. It's so easy to look around at what others have and think you need it to. That's my biggest downfall, the comparison that I need that.

  5. Exactly! I have everything I wanted, why do I keep thinking I need any more than that right now?

  6. I'm sure you are just so over excited to meet that little baby! Definitely an exciting season for you :)

  7. It's a vicious cycle! I find that constantly remembering to be thankful for what I have helps a ton.

  8. This is an amazing post!! I think that's how it is all the time! Right now I am at the start.. waiting for an engagement ring.. but I just need to be happy and thankful for everything else in my life!

  9. I will have to get in the habit of doing this a lot more for sure!

  10. I remember the agony of that oh man! Just about being happy where we are, right?

  11. So true! I do this all the time. I need to just enjoy what I have right now...not think that I'm missing a new wardrobe, bigger house, bigger yard, new furniture. Like you said, we have everything we need and we are happy, so we need to remember that.


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