A Weekend Recap

Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's no secret I love on me some weekends off. Only because I do not have the luxury of one every week. So rude, right? Well, this weekend I had myself a nice 3 day weekend.

Friday had to offer up some of my skills, got all dressed looking professional. Got in a Burlington Coat Factory run after, complete with a Diet Coke. Somehow I made it out of there under $30.
Enjoying my Diet Coke
Friday Night I got to enjoy a rare night out with my best friend. We always do double dates, group events but never just us girls where we can gab and gossip. We indulged in some sangrias and appetizers.

Friday Night out with the best friend
Saturday we headed out to PA to celebrate a 50th birthday for a hilarious family friend. It was a nice little road trip with sister and husband. It was a shame we couldn't stay out longer. But a couch had to be purchased.
Saturday road trip selfie

Happy 50th!

Grass Sitting. A good pastime of mine.

Sunday we went couch shopping. Or couch sitting and convincing Brian we also need a bed to go along with the couch. It all makes sense to me though.

Our living room has limited space so finding one that wouldn't overwhelm our living room was definitely a challenge. The ones that did fit were not the comfiest of couches. And I am not one of those that want it to look pretty over comfort. We love our comfy couch feeling.

It's always a good time for Panera

 I am sad to see the weekend go. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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  1. We were the same way when we went couch shopping...there were some that I loved the look of, but were not comfortable. We definitely go for comfort over style in the furniture department.


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