My Personal Survival Kit

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Have you ever thought about everything that gets you through your day? The things you want in your corner when you are capsized on a beach?

It might also come in handy to have these items prepared for a potential zombie apocalypse. Or is just me and the fact my husband watches a lot of The Walking Dead.

It was really hard trying to find just 5 things I could take with me. And it definitely doesn't count any living creatures because you know the husband and Lily would be the tippy top of that list.
But let's let my material self get on with it.

My Personal Survival Kit

1. iPhone Hands down, my whole life is on here. I can manage my blog, social media, take notes, tell the time. Do it all with this piece of device. Not sure if it truly counts because if it is a stranded island I won't be able to charge it. But I need this little device in my hand. If even for comfort. 2.Bobby Pins Bangs up and out of my face are necessary some days. Read, the days when you are all ahhh hair!! Plus, they make a cute accessory for shorter hair. 3.Snacks Can be any variation. If you know me, you know I always have a snack available in my purse, at home, on the go. I'm a snacker Don't stand in the way of me and my snacks, people. 4.Morning coffee You do not want to see me without my morning coffee. You even might mistake me for a zombie before I have had mine. Must have to function on even a normal basis 5.Mary Kay Mascara This has become one of my absolute beauty favorites. Just throwing on a bit of mascara even without other makeup, makes me a little bit more voom. And like I can take on any zombies that approach me. 

What would be in your personal survival kit?

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  1. Coffee is at the top of my list! Can't survive without it!

  2. Multiple cups for me to even think about making it through the day!

  3. Girl, we are soulmates! 4/5 of these would definitely be on my list--and only because I'm not practical enough to think of putting bobby pins on there! :)


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