On the Pontoon: Sunday Social

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Sunday everyone! IN case you are wondering, we are down to 5 days until wedding!

Decided on a little Sunday Social today since it's been a little while.

1. What is your favorite social media outlet?
Confession: I love Instagram and I have an Instagram butttt I do not own an iPhone...I use my iPod. Oh boy.  Hey, it's the poor girls alternative to keep up with all the fun! I love that it allows you a peak into all your fave bloggers lives. Much more personal with pictures. And I love posting pictures of my kitty obvi.

2. Do you subscribe to any daily reads? If so, which ones?
Sad face, I do not.

3. Favorite magazine to read by the pool?
Always love a good Cosmo read and recently I am loving Self magazine.

4. Favorite Summertime Song?

This might be so last year but I still love it...

5. Best summer concert you've been to?

Is it sad I can't remember any? On to fixing this, this summer!

So since I do not have any good ones, what are some of your favorite summer concerts?

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

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