Our Love Story: Officially in Love

Friday, June 14, 2013

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Brian and I became official on February 12, 2006. It was after a week of not talking to each other and I was seriously missing him. And the good best friend that she is...made me realize it was because I had feelings for him.

So we talked it out, he felt the same way, some drinks later and there you have it.

We spent our first few days on dates going to the mall and adjusting to being in a relationship. Two days after was obviously Valentines Day and he was the best Valentine I had ever had.

Even though we were just beginning our relationship, he put so much effort into the day I knew he was a keeper. I was out at the mall with my friend and she kept asking when I was seeing Brian that day. I kept saying Oh, later. Because that is what we had planned. She then kept saying ok, well maybe we should go back now. It was around 3 or 4. When I returned to my room, I realized why.

Brian was already there, with roses and the cutest bear. He had talked to my roommate to be let in and got Steph to take me to the mall but also make sure I was back in time. He even made the room pink with one of my shirts over the lamp. We then ordered food in and watched a movie. It was such a nice first Valentine's Day.

The next 3 months we were pretty much obsessed with each other. We spent so much time together and fell quickly in love. Saying our goodbyes for the summer away I will always remember how hard it was. I never would have guessed coming into my freshmen year that I would meet someone so soon that would mean so much to me.

That summer we finally uttered our I Love you's and I traveled many hours back and forth just to see him.

Stay tuned for more from our college days!

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