Becoming a Wife

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Right now I am relaxing on the beaches of Hawaii with a large drink in my someone's wife.

I am a wife.

I am in a marriage.

Your wedding day is something you look forward to your whole life. The dress, the place, the atmosphere. But what happens after is something many people do not think about. 

The marriage you have entered into, that you have to nurture and maintain.

What happens when me becomes we?

Obviously, the question arrises in my head, will I be a good wife? Will I be what Brian is expecting and wanting from a wife?

And how can I do that, become everything he wants in a wife, without losing who I am in the process?

For me, it means letting go of it being just me. My mom raised me to be very independent and make decisions on my own and face the consequences. That's how I learned. I was never given a curfew or told no. That is very much a part of who I am but I know it's a part I have to work on. I have to remember I am no longer making decisions for myself. They involved my husband. My family. 

I am going to have to do things I don't want to do but HAVE to do them because I am married. That will take some getting used to because I go here and there and do what I want when I want. Not anymore. Time to tame the independent gal.

It also means I have to become more financially responsible. I have no idea how to budget and save my money. I pay my bills and spend my money daily but I do not keep track of where my money is going and what I could save by not buying certain things. If I want that nice house to live my MILF life, I have got to take charge of my spending. We now have our money. I definitely do not want to spend my husband's money frivolously. I do want to learn the right way to budget and spend. 

Marriage also means putting in the time and effort to make a beautiful marriage. Many people go into marriage thinking it might be so easy. Thinking it's an easy transition from engaged to marry. I know that it mostly will be easy. We already live together, have gotten over that hump but there is the marriage stuff that we will still have to work through everyday. 

I have no idea how to be a wife. He has no idea how to be a husband. But we do know that we are so excited to be on this ride together!

Get ready for the ride as we try to figure it out!

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