A Week until the Wedding! Stomach Flu Edition

Friday, May 31, 2013

A week from today I will be marrying the best man there is. Say whattt??

I can't believe that time has gone this fast and we are already here. And since we have 7 days pretty much everything is done. Or at this point it has to be.

I unfortunately, was hit with the stomach flu on Wednesday and let me just tell you, that stuff is no joke. I was in bed/on the couch all day Wednesday and half the day yesterday. Which translates to that two day wedding to-do list, not done.

And did I mention everything needs to be dropped off tomorrow to our venue? Yes, everything.

I could have panicked, stressed (ok, maybe I did a tiny bit) But this flu takes so much out of you, there just wasn't energy.It came down to me accepting what was, what is. And realizing the bigger picture of what June 7th means.

So those programs I designed? Probably won't get finished and our guests won't get to see the beauties.

And the menus? Go from one for every person to two at every table.

A few people not coming after the final count should of signaled a rearrange of tables and table numbers. But not anymore. Staying as is and I will tell the coordinator next week about the change. Sneaky I know.

But the most important thing I was able to get done on our wedding to-do list? The marriage license. 

So pretty much I can marry this man now. And even if I'm running down the aisle in shorts and sneakers (Yes, a wedding nightmare folks) It will be ok. 

I might get a few strange looks if that happens. But at the end of the day this man will be my husband. I will be his wife. No programs, menus or maybe even a wedding dress needed.

Now, what I do need to cross off the list...my Hawaii packing...What does one wear to a luau?

Bring it on Wedding Day...I'm ready to be a MRS.!!!

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