A Decade of Accomplishments

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Looking back through the past ten years, it takes you on a strange journey. You think about how much has really changed and how much you really have accomplished. It shows you what has been missing and what maybe you could have done. But it also makes you hopeful for the next decade. Another ten years to accomplish a whole lot more.

When I looked back at my last decade, it was a whole lot of ups and downs. Growing moments and many things that I am proud that I can say I accomplished.


// Bought my first car
So this might be pushing the decade things just a little...But still so proud that I bought my first car with all my hard earned money. It was great knowing I worked hard so my mom didn't have to and I got what I wanted because I worked for it.

// Graduated high school
All the stuff I got into in high school, proud of myself. Managed field hockey, 3 jobs and a pretty active social life. Got into 3 ish colleges. One of which I accepted and met my future husband. Good choices.

//Joined a sorority
Said I would never do it. Said it wasn't for me. I was nervous as I started out but am so glad I stuck with it. Some of my best friends are from Alpha Xi Delta and my experiences in that house truly shaped me, good and bad. And without my sisters, going back to school after losing my mom would have been that much harder.

// Graduated college
Four short months before I graduated my mom passed away and I wasn't sure I wanted/could go back to school. My family and Brian convinced me it was what my mom would have wanted. But it wasn't to say I was an emotional mess and I am still not sure how I ended up crossing that stage and graduating.

// Took in a lovable kitty
My Lily baby. What can I say? My sister called and convinced me to save this kitty who was found outside in the freezing cold without her mom. She makes every single day interesting and I wouldn't change any of it.

// Lived by myself
If you want to really grow up and figure things out for yourself, live on your own. It was scary at times, humbling at others. I was doing it, being a real grown up with rent, a job and doing it pretty well.

// Started this blog
What started as a way to write out my feelings and help me deal with life without my mom has turned into so much more. It isn't something that you can just show up to sometimes. It takes real work and though and effort. I

// Got married
Being in a college relationship isn't always easy. Being in a long distance relationship isn't always easy. That's what makes our relationship truly wonderful. We worked hard at it the past 9 years and I am so proud we have come this far and so happy to be married to Brian. This might be my biggest accomplishment in another ten years!

// Survived credit card debt
It truly is a survival. I am so glad all of the credit card debt is paid off because it was such a burden on our finances. We already have a plan to teach our kids properly about their finances.

// Lived life without my mom
This will continue to be a huge accomplishment. It involves hard days that I have to get through and knowing that all the big moments, she won't be there for. It's going on without her. It was laughing again without her. It was getting married without her there on my wedding day. And it will be having kids without her being here and so many other moments. To still be smiling and living life without her, a huge accomplishment.

Thinking about the past decade, what are some of your accomplishments?

Side note: Also, proud I accomplished the fine taste of wine

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  1. I love this idea--so cool to see how much really happens in a decade!

  2. This was a really great post. It is crazy how much ten years can change your life. I have had some major accomplishments in the last ten years and I know I will continue to have more accomplishments in ten more years. Its so exciting to see what it will bring! Then you have lists like this and bloggers who get to experience growth and have it all documented. Thanks for sharing Krista

  3. I honestly think living alone and dealing with your own debt/money are the best things to prepare a person for marriage!

  4. I love this idea! It's so good to remind ourselves of our accomplishments. I second paying off debt. It is so important. We paid all of ours off (except the mortgage) and it feels absolutely amazing. Congrats to you!

  5. Michelle Olthuis MoehleMay 24, 2015 at 2:02 PM

    I think I want to write a list like this too, such a great idea. I loved your list and you are one brave girl. I also did a long distance relationship during college when I moved to Texas and we did end up breaking up for a while but got back together when I moved back home and now we are married for 3 years and just had a baby girl. Long distance is very difficult.
    xx, Michelle

  6. This is so cool, definitely going to look at what goes on when I do my list.

  7. It was so fun to look back and see how much has really gone on!

  8. I am so glad you came by and enjoyed this post. The reason I love the blog is so many of my moments are now captured here.

  9. It made me a lot more responsible for sure. While having a roommate is nice, living on your complete on is a whole different ballpark.

  10. Long distance definitely tried our relationship. There is so much miscommunication because of phone conversations, texts, Facebook, etc. that it can really test you and be exhausting. So sweet to hear that you were able to make it work!

  11. It was great o look back and really see all that has gone on. You can give yourself a pat on the back for surviving some of it too!

  12. Debt free is the way to be, my new slogan haha! Thanks so much for coming by!


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