Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Whoa momma. It has indeed been awhile. Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for telling me how much I've been slacking 

Well a lot has happened since my last little post. I found a new place and moved in!

Moving day was July 9 and I had a wonderful team to help me load and unload. Minimal complaining included ;)

and this was the mess that was left...

So definitely still a work in progress but I am getting there. As I get more unpacked and organized I will update pictures. So pretty much a few months from now..or so it feels.

Not much else to really update other than the big move. Job is going but right now I am most looking forward to vacation next week. 

I AM GOING TO DISNEY WORLDDDDDD!!! I am so beyond excited. 5 days with Minnie and Mickey and of course all the princesses. Whooooo!! Not to mention a week away from work. Ahhh a breather. 

Lily is adjusting to the new place. We have had our obstacles trying to get her acclimated but I think very soon she will be very comfortable here. She wasn't sure about the smaller space at first but she is finding places she can go to hide and just sleep. So it won't be long until the behavior issues are gone.

I will definitely keep up with this much more now. I had been consumed with moving and unpacking and work but as it starts to slow down I will have more time. 

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