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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

6 years ago I walked across a stage and received a piece of paper. The actual piece of paper wasn't important at all. If I recall, the paper just told me about a sale in the college bookstore.

Pretty much how this post is going to go. Not that important, tells you some random thoughts going on in my head. And today, it get's serious as I take on how society has been behaving. And why I am not sure I want to adult anymore.

Let's first talk about a society that cares more about the integrity of a sports game than the integrity of an actual person. 440 million people watched a man, who has had 8 domestic violence charges, from beating up the mothers of his children, fight another man. As Yahoo News reports, Mayweather probably made out with well over $200 million. But no one talked about how Mayweather beats on women outside the sport. No one spent hours and hours posting about it, possibly making it one of the largest news topics this year. How this man is the highest paid sportsman in the world and he takes shots at women outside the ring on his free time. Glad we pay him so much to enjoy this freedom. 

Apparently that gets looked aside.Just as it got looked aside when Ray Rice, also in the NFL, knocked his fiance unconscious. He received a two game punishment for being recorded on video punching out a woman, half of what Tom Brady gets for possibly having some knowledge of deflated balls.  People are exhausting all forms of social media, news, etc. talking about "Deflategate." Yes, it's the integrity of a game and a role model to younger children. He's a player that doesn't get paid close to what Mayweather gets paid, also a role model for children and Ray Rice also carries being a public figure who might return back to the NFL this year. If only we put so much light on women's rights and domestic violence and fighting for their rights as we do fighting for the rights of all professional sports team.

Let's talk Kardashians in today's society. The Kylie Jenner lip challenge. Are you kidding me? Do not even attempt to Google it as I did because well, frankly I was confused. You will be even more disappointed with society and feel sad that teens feel the need to fit this image. It then turns out Jenner's lips are fuller because of filler injected in them. Just to recap, a 17 year old is getting lip fillers for her "flat" lips. Society.

I really do not understand how I even have to type about waist Training. The women of the 1920's hated wearing the tight corset that squeezed in their waists yet here we are, celebrities endorsing this today. This does not seem healthy to want to squish all your insides just for a small waist. In fact, they say it can affect your breathing and even possibly cause acid reflux. Doesn't working out and tightening your core and abs sounds better?

Interest on student loan debt pretty much makes me so angry. Yes, we get it. You have my whole life in your hands because you add astronomically high interest which is why 6 years out of college I am just starting to pay towards my principal on the loan. When did it become a burden to have a college education? More and more millenials are being forced to push back dreams of houses and kids because of the looming debt over their heads. As the Wall Street Journal mentions, "Millennials generally have encountered more hurdles en route to homeownership than previous generations, including strict mortgage-qualification standards, mounting student debt and, until the past year, weak job and wage growth."


What can I give a high five to in society? Freedom of speech and the digital presence. Because without either I wouldn't have this blog, wouldn't have this post and wouldn't have my own piece of the internet.

This is the end of your regularly scheduled rant ;)

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  1. I agree Little! I've been saying the same thing. How an athlete, who is in one boxing match a year, or one game a week, makes millions of dollars is insane. But then there are schools that have to close because they don't have the budget to pay teachers. It boggles my mind and makes me crazy. The priorities of this country is so backwards!

  2. PREACH!!!

    I am so over sports figures and celebrities being "role models"... these people for the most part don't conduct themselves in a respectable manner, and they certainly aren't who I would want my future children trying to emulate.

    Student loan debt is beyond absurd. I just can't even put into words how angry it makes me and how frustrating it is. I just get ragey.

    Just yes. I agree with all that you said but my words aren't coming pretty so I'm going to stop it here. Hugs!

  3. Does this post scream that I need a hug or what? haha! sometimes I just gotta let it out and can blame the woman hormones. thank you :)


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