The Princess has Arrived!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Like many others around the world, I have been joining in on the great Kate wait. Especially because I just love me some royals. Due the end of April, it seems that little princess, Royal Baby # 2 if you will, took her sweet time.

Saturday morning I woke up to see first that Kate was in labor then as I scrolled some more saw she had given birth, to a baby girl! 

So as I enjoyed my morning breakfast and coffee, I sat and watched the door to that Lindo Wing and read every article that would give me any information.  I was home when Prince George was born and waited for him to be introduced. I didn't want to miss this either.

As I ran my errands, I hit refresh, refresh, to see if any movement was happening behind that door. Around 11:45 the most adorable big brother arrived. 
Adorable on all counts.

Using a few brain cells, I knew it would be at least an hour before they would debut the newest member of the royal family. Big brother had to get some quality time in. I spent that hour shopping around and getting back to my car, saw they said within 10 minutes. Naturally I did what any other (in)sane person would do, sit in the car and wait those ten minutes. 

Perfect time for a selfie

Kate emerged looking as pristine as ever. But it could have been made easy by the hairdresser and stylist she had on site. White was also a bold choice because from what I hear, those lady parts just let it flow after birth. 

New goal: look like Kate Middleton after giving birth. 

As of today, this sweet little princess finally has a name, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Named after great grandma, grandma and even grandpa, Charlotte is the feminine form of Charlie. 

Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. 

*fun fact: my husband just said last night how much he liked the name Charlotte for a girl and I wasn't too keen. I might have changed my mind ;) I mean, she's now a princess so...

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  1. I'm pretty impressed with how nice she looks even with a hair & makeup team!


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