If I Were A Royal

Thursday, March 19, 2015

If you haven't heard, there is a new set of Royals in town. The new show on E, The Royals. I love reading all about the royals and I was one of the crazy ones that got up at 5 am the day of William & Kate's wedding just so I could watch it. I am actively watching to see if their new bundle of joy will be a boy or girl. Let's just say, I like to keep up with the royals.

And like any girl, I've spent a few moments picturing, dreaming just what it would be like to be a princess, to be a royal. Let's discuss my life as a royal.

Paparazzi everywhere.

//Hats. Fascinators. All hanging in a row and ready to accessorize my extensive closet. Speaking of which, my closet would be full of the most classic of clothes. I know I could pull this hat off.

//Garden Parties would happen more than once a year. And the obligatory "I have a margarita!" picture must be taken of everyone.

//My bedroom would have this. Just for the sole purpose of reading. Not so much sleeping. I mean, I would have a room big enough for 2 beds so why not?

//I would shower in this every day. Fully equipped with built in shower radio and adjustable temperature.

//Princess Lily. Enough said.

//The palace would host a carnival every year for a month. The royals need to let loose once in awhile and mingle with the public. Plus, there would be a palace in ever country for the orphanages. Channeling my inner Mia, The Princess Diaries.

//Crown wearing would be mandatory at least once or twice a week. Any of these would do for me. Or all of them since I am royalty. And think of the fun hairstyles I would get to have for these.

//Wine would be served at every meal. Even breakfast. We could make it work.

//I would still blog and it would be about all my royal escapades and royal outfits. Think of the sponsored posts I would get being a royal.

 //I would be Kate Middleton. "She's beauty and she's grace.."

What would be your plans if you suddenly found yourself a member of the royal family?

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  1. You cracked me up about getting up early to watch Wills & Kate get married! I did, too {I hosted a wedding brunch early that morning to be exact}! However...I know you are WAAAY to young to remember Charles & DIana getting married or Diana's funeral. To which, both, I remember watching all those years ago!

  2. I watched too! I also vote that baby #2 is a girl (although a boy to be a new generation of William & Harry would be totes adorbs!). I'd have the Beauty & the Beast library and a small cottage just to store my shoes.

  3. Okay yes, I'm going to need that reading bed.


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