Monday, March 9, 2015

What happens to a blog when the writer loses inspiration?

Sitting down to this blank space and writing has its rewards. I can bare my soul some days. Crack jokes other days. And sprinkle in some memories along the way.When we started 2015, I really wanted to focus a lot more on this space. I sat down with my calendar to plan out some posts and scoured Pinterest for some post ideas. There was every indication that I would show up here more than twice a week most weeks. But this is what happened.

See all those posts? There they are. Half done sitting in my drafts. It seems I start a post but I am just missing something to finish them. I am missing that inspiration. That spark.

Inspiration is what makes me show up here most days. I want to write so other people can enjoy my writing and I can connect with my readers. These posts are great topics, topics other bloggers give you to write about when you aren't sure what to write. But they aren't even cutting it for me.

Without that inspiration, my fingers don't flow. They aren't able to write the words that are needed to showcase my feelings. To move these posts from drafts to actually live. The emotion and excitement hasn't been flowing a lot around this blog.

What am I telling you this for? Because this post I was one I didn't have planned for today. I was just inspired to write about how uninspired I have been. Funny how that works. Some of my best posts are the reactions to my every day life. Whether it be a quote, song or situation I am in.

Basically, I will be cooking up my own inspiration in the next coming weeks. Somehow, some way I will make this space feel exciting again. 

Any ideas, thoughts on finding inspiration when it comes to blogging?
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  1. It happens to all of us! I find that simply reading blogs, browsing reddit, and long conversations with friends (that run off into tangents, of course) can be my best inspiration. Good luck!

  2. I always struggle with the "Post suggestions" they never feel like they're quite right for me. The best writing for me, I feel, is when I'm writing about what's happening and I just sit and spill. I hope that's what everyone else likes from me too. Hahaha!


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