Why We are All Hurting Over Paul Walker's Death

Friday, December 6, 2013

Even if you weren't a fan of Fast & Furious, this will surely tug at your heartstrings

It was just last week when we all learned of the untimely death of a beloved actor, Paul Walker due to a tragic accident.The same accident also took the life of his longtime friend, Roger Rodas.

As many fans and actors mourned his death, many expressed opinions of how everyone was focusing on Paul Walker and not the other driver, Rodas, or locally, a train crash that had killed 4 people. The reason is in just what Paul Walker to many of us. An actor. An entertainer. A part of our homes. His face has lived with us and entertained us. Does it make his death more important? No, just mourned in a different way because of his status.

A actor plays a role throughout their lives where they come into households across the world hoping to bring them a story or character they love or can relate to. That's what actors do. We see their faces consistently over time in many different roles, that they seem a part of us. And they make moments in our lives.

Movies make moments in our lives. Whether it be remembering the time you waited in line for an hour to see the movie opening night, rushed around to Redboxes to find a certain movie to rent as soon as it came out or when you watched it at the drive in. Paul Walker created many moments for many fans over the past 25 years.

That's why everyone is affected by Paul walker and are talking about it. He has been in our homes for 25 years taking on roles and entertaining us. Those movies he has been in have all created moments for us. Memories.

I never expected to be so upset by a celebrities death but with Paul walkers death I have really felt it. And having gone through a personal experience of losing someone close to me, I had never thought I would be scouring the news articles and really hurting for the death of an actor, someone who I had never met.

But I realized it's is because of those moments he created for me. He appeared first in my life when I was 13. A young girl who ogled over his nice bod in She's All That. I had gone to see the movie for Freddie Prinze Jr. but was definitely intrigued by the bad boy Paul walker. And then we he put on the tux, all was lost.

Flash forward a few months later when two young girls scurried their way through blockbuster with The Skulls in their hand. To them it was a "scary" movie that they couldn't believe they were being allowed to watch. Cue official full blown teenage girl crush. He was ripped out of magazines and put on my walls in the bottom bunk.

Joy Ride was a movie me and my sister owned for some reason and watched it multiple times. And Fast and Furious, well I saw the first one with my mom and bought the second one on DVD and we watched it together.  I have been hooked every since.

And I can't forget torturing myself with, Timeline, just because hewas in it. The book was brutal and the movie was made just bearable with him. And Into the Blue was pretty much Joy Ride in the Bahamas, on a boat. So another win for my book.

So with his death it's like saying goodbye to that very first crush. The very first ideal I had for what future boyfriends should be all about. And it's remembering the moments I can look back on from his Fast and Furious movies, which they husband can tell you I play A LOT.

Paul Walker has been a part of a unique franchise, a unique fan base. A very strong fan base. He has been in homes and captured people's attention, created moments through movie roles. He was never in the news for drinking or drugs, but instead humanitarian acts.

Paul Walker was a part of many people's lives, even if it sounds like celebrity infatuation. He created moments, memories and who will ever forget the smile.


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