Spread a Little Love

Friday, December 13, 2013

Something short and simple for me to say today.

Rid the world of hate by spreading love everyday. 

Love your loved ones just a little more than yesterday. Love the people that annoy you day after day. And learn to love each other as a society and not carry hate for one another. Be kind.

Hate brings evil. Kindness brings love.

Please spread a little more love today and everyday.


  1. Amen! Such a great reminder, always!

  2. I love this! Have you seen the Cheers Not Jeers link up that Casey does every week? It's entire purpose is to bring "cheers" to bloggers who you think are wonderful and spread more positivity throughout the blogosphere! I love it! :)

  3. I have seen and been wanting to participate! It just seems I have intentions then it's Wednesday before I realize and so it goes. Clearly, I need blogging schedules! Fingers crossed this week!


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