Gift Guide for the Newlyweds

Thursday, December 5, 2013

As we are entering the gift buying season for Christmas, it can be tricky to sometimes to pinpoint what to get people. Well, if you happen to have newlyweds on your gift giving list, I have compiled a few things that newlyweds would love. Trust me ;)

Newlywed Gifts

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 1-The Mr. and Mrs. Embroidered bath towels. Let me tell you, newlyweds are still giddy about the Mr. and Mrs. Ok, maybe the wife more so but they always love extra house gifts!

2-Corningware Casserole Bake wear-Many newlyweds are living together for the first time and trying adventures in the kitchen. Corningware is a nice addition to help cook for family gatherings and of course, husband's favorite dinner.

3- Glass Wedding Invitation Ornament- A memorable gift that the newlyweds will cherish year after year at Christmas time with a personal touch

4-What better place to keep those shiny new rings then a nice Crate & Barrel jewelry case? It can avoid any possibility of slipping down a drain or in a crack. 

5-This Crate & Barrel cookbook has everything to get the Newlyweds started in their kitchen.How to stock the pantry and even date night dinners. Candlelight included.

6-Wedding pictures are easily the best thing ever the year after the wedding. The newlyweds love putting them everywhere and this Umbra Tray is a unique way to display them.

7-The idea of a couple pillowcase might seem corny but isn't that the stage most newlyweds are in? Super duper lovey dovey and corny. Trust me, it's cute.  

Anything you have received during your 1st Christmas married that you absolutely loved?

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  1. The pillows are so cute! Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. Love the link-up and can't wait to keep participating!

  3. I love the bakeware. I just started a set for myself that I'm slowly getting all the pieces to. I love the photo idea in the tray too. Thanks for linking up with Chelsee and I! Come back next week :)


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