Christmas Ornament Display

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The easiest Christmas window decor to make, like ever.

Christmas Window Display

Make sure to gather ALL the supplies you need. Slight exaggeration. Just two.


Cut the ribbon, alternating colors and sizes for how many ornaments you intend to use

 I always have a little helper

Then, slip the ends through the ornament topper and tie. (You can also hot glue the ends if you desire)

And would you believe that's pretty much it?!

You then pick your window, arrange the ribbon sizes how you want them to hang. 

Command hooks come in very handy to hang from the window. And they slip right off after the holiday. Or any thumb tacks you have on hand.

This was my first set I tried with and sent off to my Ornament Swap partner Molly. She's super creative and I was trying so hard to find something to make , pretty much the most creative person on the planet.

Many thanks to Pinterest for the fab idea



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