Having a Holiday Birthday

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Today is indeed the day of my birth. It is also 5 days after Christmas and one  day before New year's Eve. I am what one would call, a holiday baby. I had 2 chances within a week to appear on a special day and I blew it.

someecards.com - I bet your birthday would be a bigger deal this time of year if you were conceived by a virgin

I am not bitter about being a holiday baby. But ok, maybe just a tiny bit. Just saying it has it's up and downs and it really sets ya up for life.Now, my parents did a great job of making sure I had my own separate occasion and parties to celebrate (roller skating party, holler!) it's just sometimes the holidays became the Grinch to my birthday. And if you weren't quite sure, here is how you tell you are a holiday baby for sure.

You probably have gotten Christmas and birthday gifts together. Like hey, here's you Christmas present...5 minutes later..oh and here's your birthday present. Now, I am thankful for any presents I have ever received it's just but, it's my birthday. Am I not special for two presents?

It doesn't go unnoticed how small your gifts look compared to your sisters who has a normal birthday. It's too be expected when everyone has maxed out their credit cards and you are supposed to understand this at your 5th birthday party, right and not be scarred from it? And today, presents just aren't your thing. Getting presents and opening them is uncomfortable for me. Just let me get you gifts, deal?

And one last gift favorite, What is birthday wrapping paper? Because your birthday gifts are most likely wrapped in Christmas paper. It's just as convenient to wrap the presents all at once as it is to give them all at once I suppose.

You were never able to bring cupcakes, brownies or anything fun to school for your class. Talk about having issues because no one knew your birthday even existed. It was Christmas vacation and everyone was worried about Santa.

On the other hand, you get to spend every birthday with your family at home instead of school. And extra points for birthday snowstorms. It even applies for winter break in college. And! If you are so lucky and have an adult holiday week, bonuses for you. The rest of us are still at work, but it was fun while it lasted.

Your birthday is another festive event to add to the bunch of yuletide cheer felt this time of year. Lucky for me, my birthday is a big party, I had my 21st birthday on New Year's Eve Eve which is a thing and a big fun time. Go me!

Yup, that's my mom!

The best party decorations are out for your birthday. A Christmas tree in the living room, stockings hung for everyone to admire and your latest version of the holiday centerpiece. Definitely a great way to be able to show off your Pinterest inspired home decorating in the future.And you got to show everyone just how good Santa was to you every. year.

Snowman to celebrate

You are given a second chance to get that gift that wasn't under the tree. A small time where you have all the hope in the world for that new toy to be yours. And let's hope you get it because if not, you have to wait another 360 days to get any other gift.

And if you are like me, it's a Happy Birthday New Year!

But for serious, my friends, I had pretty great birthdays. Roller skating parties, family parties that included pinatas (be jealous) and me hating life when being watched opening presents. And now I get to spend it with my husband and the best people in my life.


  1. Happy birthday! I can totally relate to this -- my birthday is tomorrow. Enjoy your day!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! My sisters birthday usually falls about a week before Thanksgiving, so she usually had her family birthday parties on Thanksgiving...she always used to complain about not having her own special day ;)


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