Wine Filled Weekend

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Just stopping in on a Tuesday to update you on our weekend because that's the norm around here I guess.

We visited a local winery Saturday for their annual Baconfest! It included wine and food trucks, with lots of bacon on the side. 

It was also Lucas's first visit to a winery, but not his last for sure.

It will also be a great place for him as he gets older because momma can drink some wine while he plays on the playground. Don't worry he will always be properly supervised.

Also let's talk about the weather this weekend. It was a balmy 88 here on Saturday. Legit felt like the middle of summer, but nope just the end of April. We had prepared for a little bit warmer weather but anticipated clouds. Good thing the winery had inside where we hung out with the little man to keep him cool. But then Sunday was a much cooler 65. How do we go for a twenty degree difference in two days? Oh mother nature.

We had some friends over to visit Sunday, had the windows open and did some house cleaning. And some exercising. 

Overall, a nice weekend taking the little man out and relaxing. I can't believe this weekend will be the last one before I go to work. Cue all the tears. And the madness that will be this weekend as I make sure I have everything together. 

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