A Weekend of Small Moments

Monday, May 8, 2017

When I go to write the weekend recap I kind of sit here and wonder now, is my weekend that exciting? Do people want to read about it?

I mean, this weekend it was an early morning, visiting daycare with grandma and grandpa, Saladworks (our favorite), family nap, more naps, chores, then it was all over it seemed. 

Then I look at what the weekend really was.

It was waking up to cutest baby smiles and coos I never want to forget. And the fact he already wants to hold his bottle by himself. 

Getting more comfortable with the daycare by going to the grand opening. I mean, these people will essentially be teaching my little baby lots of what he needs to know. It's also the start of me being a working mom and I have a funny feeling I'll discover a whole new version of strength. 

Family naps. Just sleep is something to be celebrated but the snuggles while napping? Never want to forget the small baby smell, arms flung out and mouth opened in an "O."

Our weekends might have changed from going place to place to spending most of our time at home, but these small moments are all moments I don't want to forget.  And these will mean so much when I go back to work. 

So if you show up here in Mondays ( sometimes Tuesdays) and wonder why I'm telling you all about breakfast or mowing the lawn, this is why. The small things I always want to remember. 

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  1. I love love your weekend! Family naps? COUNT ME IN!


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