Big 'Ole Pregnancy Recap

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Back in my good blogger days, I had always watched bloggers do their bump updates and couldn't wait until I was able to do them.

Then I became pregnant.

I was tired, exhausted, nauseous, house hunting, moving, preparing for baby and it never worked out for me. There are drafts and drafts where I started to sit down and right each week but never quite made it through.

From all of these started posts, I have pulled together the best moments from this pregnancy.

I was very fortunate to have a fairly good pregnancy. There was hardly anything I could actually complain about that wasn't a mere annoyance more than anything. I mean the preggo swaddle...kinda comes with the territory I suppose. My body did take to pregnancy very well.

First Trimester

Call me the lady that didn't have morning sickness. I didn't get sick once during those first few months, but oh the nausea was definitely a foe. It started around 12 o'clock in the afternoon so lunchtime was always awesome.

Naps on naps on naps.

I was the woman at work that was trying to hold my what I thought was a green face so I avoided the lunchroom,  I would sit at my desk and try to choke down some sort of food while also swigging down some ginger ale followed by a ginger drop and quite possibly a few crackers. Anything to get rid of it.

Meat was not my friend at all. Looking out it, smelling it, thinking about just did not agree with me. My poor husband really suffered because even smelling the cooking of it made me sick. He was responsible for most dinners if he actually wanted meat.

Chicken kind of lingered throughout my whole pregnancy and even now I'm still trying to like it again. I'm getting a lot better it was a lot of chicken Parm for a while but I am able to kind of have chicken mixture and I can't have regular grill chicken yet just sitting on my plate but it does have to be mixed with something.

Eggs were a big nausea trigger for sure. I learned that on our trip to Myrtle Beach during breakfast. I had to French toast and felt very nauseous after that which is weird because it was bread. So the next day I tried pancakes still nauseous so we kind of narrowed it down that it was the egg and I tried regular eggs and it definitely was them. Bummer too because we were egg in the morning people.


A craving that I had to have, frozen yogurt. It was frozen yogurt after dinner, during a Saturday, had to have it.

It was great getting to tell everyone during those first few weeks. Family was first, followed by close friends, followed by social media ;) You can read all about it here. Once everyone knew, it felt so much more real because we could openly talk about it and people were getting excited just as much as us.

Second Trimester


Coming into the second semester was absolutely wonderful. When people tell you that that it gets much better they are absolutely correct.

I had a lot more energy, was napping less, and my nausea definitely subsided. I felt like I could actually eat again like my normal self. Minus meat, that took a little longer to not make me want to be sick.

My cravings around then we're ice cream sandwiches. I had a dream that I had an ice cream sandwich in my purse that I was super concerned I was not going to have time to eat. Crazy pregnancy dreams everyone.

Doctor’s appointments were pretty routine month after month during this time. I did have to go for some extra genetic testing. My dad has hemochromatosis which is a genetic disorder that I was never tested for myself so I was sent to a genetic counselor to be tested and kind of go through things to make sure that we were aware what would happen if I had it if the baby had it etc. Because of this we were able to have an extra ultrasound at 15 weeks that allowed us to know the gender early. We weren’t ready. I wasn’t ready. And we held on to that precious envelope for a few weeks before we opened it.

I bought my first pair of maternity pants towards the end of my second trimester. The hair tie trick was just not cutting it anymore. But let me tell you, I was loving the elastic feel of a waste band. Having to go back to buttons and zippers was very unfortunate.

Me and the little one travelled to Chicago twice during the second trimester. The first trip I was really nervous, but opting for the extra leg room on the plane was definitely the right choice. And not having to worry about ordering the dessert at every company dinner, a plus.

Chicago Bump

Third Trimester

When I entered my third trimester I remember I was in complete shock that I was actually that far. I would also like to say that I entered my third trimester about a week before we were about to close on our house. Cue all kinds of panic that we were going to have to move and we were already in the third trimester and technically he could've come any time after Christmas on. See where my pregnancy anxiety was going with this?
Napping with my first baby

One thing I will always be grateful for was that I still felt great. Sorry if you hate me for it.

I remember people asking me “how are you feeling, now?” and “are you so over being pregnant?”  and my answer was always, still pretty good and honestly, I’m enjoying it. I was still climbing on the floor and getting up off the floor. Maybe not as graceful as before but it wasn’t difficult.

I was still exercising quite a bit. My feet never swelled (just my calves) and there were no complaints really that I had. I mean otherwise of the normal had to go the bathroom all the time. But I was in no way ready to be done and have him here.

My baby shower was excellent thrown by my sister, my cousin, and my best friend with a Winter Wonderland theme. It was a beautiful day and baby was definitely loved on.

Oh, did I mention I turned 30 while pregnant? Cuz I did. And while I was bummed no alcohol involved I was pampered for sure. Still can't believe I hit the big 3-0. Celebrating half birthdays is a thing, right?

I started my maternity leave at 37 weeks because I'm fortunate to have been paid for it so I wanted to kind of get things situated with our house. I also thought for sure the little baby would be coming early or at the very latest on time. He obviously disagreed with me and had his own plans.

At my 40 week appointment, they had prepared us that we would discuss induction if I made it to my 41 week appointment. This was the week I tried everything thrown at me to get the baby out. Garlic, oregano, cinnamon, walking, walking, walking. But he wasn’t budging.

 At my 41 week appointment I was hooked up to a nonstress test. He sounded fine, his heart rate was great. They suggested an induction starting on Sunday but I possibly could go till the next week until that Thursday if I chose.

We did opt for the induction to get him out a little bit earlier because I had read that the baby could become stressed being in that long.  Lo and behold this little guy came at 41 weeks and three days. The day I was supposed to start my induction. This story to come.

Last bump picture <3

So if you got through all this ramble, you can see I did enjoy my pregnancy and there are times I miss my little baby bump. I keep joking that the next one might give me a run for my money pregnancy wise. But I would never be the one to say I didn't like it or was rushing through it. My little Lucas was good to me.

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  1. I loved reading your recap! I was so so bad at taking my weekly pictures, much less doing bumpdates! I think I have a 9 week one and that was about it. haha.


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