Weekend Update

Monday, May 22, 2017

As I sit here so very sleep deprived, I am thinking about just how nice my weekend was. Missing my little man during the week makes me want to take advantage of all the niggles and hugs I can get in the weekend

So I did just that. I only left the house to go to Target for about an hour. Otherwise, it was at home with the little guy. 

Family visited throughout the weekend to love on the little guy. My sister brought us breakfast Sunday and looked after the babe just long enough for me to get my meals ready for the week. 

Lucas came down with his first daycare sniffles. So not fun. Saturday night and last night was a lot of restless sleep making sure he was ok. I mean, those baby coughs and sneezes break your heart. But he was still all smiles. I think daycare thought I was lying when I dropped him off today. 

I would say I'm very satisfied with my weekend. Even with no sleep. 

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