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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

We are just a few weeks away from Mother's Day and I can't tell you how crazy it is that I will be celebrating my first Mother's Day as a mom! How lucky am I?

Being a fairly new mom, 3 months in, I feel like there might be a different set of gifts that would really tickle a new mom's fancy. 

 And for all I know, this might still be my list in 5 years. I'll let you know.


Available here

On top of sleep and more sleep. Let's make it happen. 

Flavored is best. 

"Mom" gifts.
Because I want to shout it from everywhere that I'm a mom! But not like other moms, I'm a cool mom. I kid. So bring on the coffee mugs, wine glasses, picture frames... I want it all! 

Pictures of new baby.

Because being a working mom is really going to test me and I need pictures to sob over while I pretend to actually get my work done. 

This house has not been cleaning itself and needs a desperate attempt of some sort of cleanliness. 

Hair appointment.

I have to cover this postpartum hair loss somehow. Maybe a nice Lob will do the trick. 

Oh I miss it. Mimosas included of course. 

Carrying a baby and sleeping in weird angles to accommodate a sleeping baby awakes the soreness of all the muscles.

Hello acne from high school. Thanks for showing up to the postpartum party I'm having. 


I think this one just explains itself. 

So if you have a new mom in your life this Mother's Day, peruse the list and give it a thought. Is there anything else you would add to this?


  1. These are such good ideas!! Im obsessed with that mug.

  2. Great ideas! I wrote a mother's day blog from the Dad's perspective (and how to nail it!)

  3. Some great ideas! I love giving my mom flowers! :)

    1. I too love flowers, just maybe future years :)

  4. Brunch and massage for sure! My mom would really enjoy those!!

  5. Ha! Yes, a lob helps. For Mother's Day I'm asking for a plumber to come get all of my postpartum hair loss out of the drains. She's 11 months...

    1. haha! Hairdresser remarked "maybe" she can see where it's missing...I was like sure, thanks for trying to be nice

  6. Amen! It's my first Mother's Day too!

    1. Happy first Mother's Day! A special one indeed!

  7. Replies
    1. I'm hoping my husband got the not so subtle hint about it ;)


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