Friday Favorites

Friday, April 28, 2017

Can you believe it's the last Friday of April already? I surely cannot. It's the last Friday I get to spend at home with my little man. Cue tears. But let's get to some fun Friday things shall we?

New Elliptical

This beautiful machine arrived yesterday. Can we just call it a push present?

We had a treadmill for a few years that we used A LOT. It started to stick and sound squeky, so when I called to have a repair person come they mentioned it would $150 just to look at it then who know how much to fix. Adn when the treadmill only cost you a little over $300 you decide to get the elliptical you had been wanting. Now I have no excuse not to get back in shape. I was on this for maybe 10 minutes yesterday and my legs felt like absolute jelly.

Lawn mower

Another fun gift arrived this week. Being homeowners is fun. And Lucas loved staring at the box for a good ten minutes. Do whatever you can when you can't get him to stop crying. 

Cat & Nat
One of the fun things I discovered when I was on maternity leave was these two moms. They make the funniest car videos (mom related) and run a live show at 12 pm every day. Seriously, they are a hoot, you must check them out. 

Morning naps

This little guy might be going through a growth sport, wanting to be up every few hours a night again. These morning naps have been getting me through. Sure going to miss them when I go back to work! Also, how am I am going to function?

This blog

I am so excited to be back and be writing again. Get ready for some mom zingers comin your way!

We are looking at some summer weather coming our way tomorrow and we might consider attending a local BaconFest. What are your plans for the weekend? Have a great one!


  1. Your new elliptical is great! It is always good to work out even if it's a little bit :)

  2. What we used to do when my daughter was younger was take those big boxes (like the one for the elliptical) and just put her in there with some toys. Helped me get my hair done and dinner made. :)


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