My 5 Biggest Bad Habits

Friday, January 23, 2015

Everyone has a few bad habits they might pick up in their lives. Some they might acquire over the years. Mine are a little bit of both.

1. Watching too much Netflix, TV

I'm not talking about lazy days off. We all know its acceptable to have a good Netflix binge those days. I am talking about nights, weekends and filling all our extra time with TV. It leaves rooms unorganized and cleaning pushed back. If I am able to watch less TV nights after work, I wouldn't have to clean on weekends.

2. Not putting things away

I use it. And leave it. I am getting better with this but it's still a bad habit. If I didn't do this, our place would be a lot easier to clean. Everything would already be back in it's spot so it would just be the daily/weekly maintenance. This is a habit I have to kick before kids. How can I tell them to put their toys away when I don't even do it?

3. Thinking about the worst scenario, worrying myself

In every situation, I overthink and find little things that could wrong. I worry myself about the situation before even being in it. It can make for a lot of worry and stress.

4. Oversleeping

That snooze button though. My weekends tend to go too fast when I oversleep. If I was up earlier, I could be more productive and get more down around the hose on weekends.

5.Not listening

I sometimes find myself listening to someone but then realize I didn't hear everything they said. I am not sure when I picked this bad habit up but I have noticed it a lot more recently. Especially in my marriage, I HAVE to work on this one. 

The first step is admitting, right? What are your bad habits?

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  1. Seriously, girl, I do the exact same thing with not listening. I realize I had a whole conversation with someone and was thinking about something else in my head. Going kind of along with that, I also tend to talk to myself in my head and never remember if I actually asked the question out loud or to myself (also probably because I didn't listen to the answer haha).

  2. I talk out loud just in general. And then people ask me what I said and I have to tell them I was talking to myself... I blame my multitasking skills the reason why I think of other things in my head. What do I do for dinner later? Did I put food out for Lily? All these things and more go through my head. Bad habit!!

  3. How many times has your husband "mentioned" it to you? Because mine happens to throw in hints here and there. I think it just might be his pet peeve haha


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