10 Things Worse Than Not Having a Car

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Late in the evening of January 7th, my car admitted its defeat. It was 11 years old and livedba good life. Its ultimate demise was a little squirrel chewing up its insides. In order to recover from this, I would have to put more into than the car is worth. Not happening.

So right now, we are sharing one car. The husband drops me off and picks me up for work everyday. We work out a schedule if I need to use it and we are pretty much attached when it comes to going places. Having had a car since I was 16 kind of puts a damper on my independent self.  But at the end of the day, there are worse things. 

Getting in shape again
My lungs. My legs. My arms. I'm hungry and want to eat everything. When will it be over? Also, why didn't I listen when everyone told me my metabolism would slow down? Because it's a true fact.

Chad Michael Murray being married
And having a kid. WHATTTT?! I can't even wrap my head around this information.

The $2.5 million dollar inheritance emails
Somehow they always sneak pass the spam filter and I end up reading them. I can't even deny I wish it was really true. Old, rich lady from England, if you are out there and want to give me your millions, I'm ready.

No Spend February is coming up fast 
I am having night sweats about this already. And the feeling I need to buy all the things before I can't anymore. Will I even survive this?

Car Shopping
Having to shop for a car is very grown up. It's all about what you don't tell the salesman and see what they can do for you. Problem is, I am a bad liar and tend to just talk and say what I shouldn't. Buying or leasing? AWD or 4WD? Head spinning.

Being out of wine
Just why? Why should this ever happen? There is no way the house is getting cleaned now.

Having to see Jillian's blacked out booty so much on The Bachelor

Someone needs to get that girl some proper pants and tell her it's proper to cover up both front and back lady parts.

KFC for dinner
It was a craving. Probably because I've been eating fairly healthy and my body was like, Hey, what's up? So I ate a piece and immediately felt the grease coat my arteries. Ick.

The bathroom fan
My equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. It's 2015, isn't there a better option to vent out the bathroom yet?

Remembering the last time you didn't drive for this long you were in Hawaii
Then, you miss Hawaii and want all the Mai Tais and warm Pacific sun. Plus, you were skinny then.

What would be worse for you if you were without something you were used to having? Any car buying tips?

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  1. Haha! This post is hilarious! Being out of wine sounds like the worst thing to ever happen, ever. Replacing a car sucks. I got hit by another driver back in September and my car was totaled. My husband was slammed at work and I had to go through the research/car buying process myself. I was a stressed out mess, but I now have a car that I really love, thanks to some guy who ran a red light... =)

  2. Oh man, this post is great. A little comic relief in lieu of a stinky situation is always the best. I'm sorry about your car... and CMM... and not really getting 2 million in inheritance!

  3. This post made me laugh. I had my car in the shop for a week and it was torture, but I made it. Glad you are able to see the silver lining.

  4. Wait what? When did Chad Michael Murray get married?! Love this post!

  5. Buy used. Research features you want online first so you sound educated when you talk to the salesperson. I know that it might be a little bit of a drive for you, but Vineland has several amazing dealerships. (Plus they have the reduced tax thing so the car will be cheaper.)

  6. We are a one car family for 1 more week and I'm about to go nuts. I need my wheels back.

  7. We've been a one-car family for almost two years. It was a major adjustment at first but we learned to adapt. We moved to Atlanta shortly after selling our 2nd car and now we either walk or use public transit 90% of the time so we don't need the other car anymore. Plus we have to pay $75 a month just for parking since we live in the heart of the city. There's no way I'll ever go back to a 2-car family if I can help it. It's not worth the expense.

  8. It seems you might need the wine if you actually wanted to drive that second car again ;)

  9. We have thought about used a lot. That will be most likely the option if we do not end up leasing. The way cars depreciate it only makes sense.

  10. hahah thanks!! What I could do with that 2 million is what I always think about...such a tease.

  11. I'm going on a month now. I am not sure how much more torture I can take. I need to go places!

  12. Walking and public transportation are not the best options where we live. Although, I would love to live somewhere where it was!

  13. We are definitely trying to research like crazy to figure it all out. We are making it work for now but I have to make a decision soon, I'm going crazy!

  14. I know! He married a co-star...never learns haha

  15. I agree! My expectations are getting lower and lower for what I'm looking for in a new one. Does it have wheels? Sold!

  16. And a dad!! even crazier! It was a co-star though so....he never learns haha


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