What 20 Years of Friends Has Taught Me

Monday, September 22, 2014

This day 20 years, we were given one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Friends made its debut Septemeber 22, 1994.

I was the young age of 7 and had no idea what being married was and all the jokes from the first seasons would have gone way over my head. But by the time I was 13, I was a religious watcher of the hit Thursday night TV show.

Just like How I Met Your Mother...Friends has made its way into many homes the past 20 years. And has become a serious obsession in this household. I am also pretty sure I had at least 4 of the 20 "Rachel" haircuts.

 If you are just joining in on my obsession with the TV show, just let me say..

Fact. Brian used to ask me how I still laughed at the jokes when I can pretty much say every epsiode word for word. And the answer? Because it's that funny.

What the TV show Friends has taught me

Growing up can kind of stink. With jobs and responsibilities, it's a lot of work.

 But in the middle of all of that can be the best kind of fairytale. The best part of your life can make the mundane and really hard stuff a lot easier.

 That Superman can actually be a part of Christmas if you really want him to be.

Margaritas are grown up drinks. And can be pronounced "MARGA-RIIITASSSS" while eating "FAJITASSS"

Being pregnant is going to be AWESOME because I can juggle drinks on my belly.


I definitely need to put a turkey on my head with sunglasses and dance because...well, it's just hilarious.

There is always time for foolery and not being a grownup.

That turning 30 might be as terrifying and wonderful as expected.


Bubble baths are just as great as they sound.

I would know exactly what to do if a guy said...

And that if you're veyr lucky, you just meet your very best friend in college and collect a few great ones along the way,

What are your favorite lessons from Friends?

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  1. Can't get enough. Still rewatch the season DVDs. My husband loves it...

  2. Seriously, the best show! i never get sick of it! :)


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