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Thursday, September 4, 2014

There comes a time in some blogging relationships when it gets serious. You have been emailing, texting, snapchatting and know it's time to make things serious.

I "met" Kate well over a year ago on my very first Cara Box. It turned out we were within a half hour distance of each, she lived near where my husband grew up AND we were getting married within weeks of each other.

As we were both in the depth of planning our weddings, we shared our wedding planning woes and wins. Watched each go through the bridal showers, wedding days and honeymoons. Now, we are both married folk celebrated our first anniversaries. It was time to meet.

I'm not sure who was more excited for this, myself or my husband. He was cracking jokes all day about me going on date.

And wondering if he should text me during my date in case it went bad. It most definitely did not.

Kate found a great Mexican place, Distrito in Moorestown. Me, margaritas, tacos, blate? Serious win.

They offer a great Happy Hour menu that we gladly jumped on. Kate chose the lime margarita while I went for the unorthodox Passion Fruit margarita that was made with some sort of chili spice. Cheers!

You wonder how it's going to go when you meet someone that you kind of pretty much already know. The blogging world allows you to bare your soul, share your life. So when you meet that person it becomes an instant, easier friendship. There was no awkwardness, just married life chat, blogging chat and Kate gave me some insight into blogging. There were some gems thrown in there that I can't wait to use.

Of course, we decided to hashtag away on Twitter and Instagram. #kristaandkateblate

We ended the night of tacos, margaritas with us agreeing to bring the husbands along next time. And maybe me wearing higher heals.

Have you ever gone on a blate? Tell me about it!
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  1. So fun! My husband would totally be cracking jokes like your husband did :)

  2. He is quite the jokester. Kind of why I love him I suppose ;)

  3. It was all day Friday and Saturday. He just loved the idea of my meeting someone off the internet.


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