Where am I coasting to?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ever feel like you are just coasting along?

I wish I was coasting here

The days just keep going by and the same thing happens every single day and you are just butting your head at the ceiling trying to get out of this never ending flow.

It seems I have gotten myself in the awful, peace less flow and I need to get out of it.

My days consist of going to a job that is slowly but surely eating me alive 

Why yes, I am educated and smart, you ungrateful human being of a person.

 Then I come home to an apartment that never seems to be clean or organized. What's that about?

Maybe that's why..

My days off are grocery shopping, cleaning. Grocery shopping, laundry. Cleaning, organizing. 
Even though this sounds like the MILF life I desire, I assure you, it is not even close.

And my weekends are also spent at the previous job responsible for eating me alive. 

So husband, how are you enjoying your night out with all our friends wifeless?

Does this sound like a fun way to live? No, it's not. I am at the point where I want to give my two weeks notice, throw all the stuff away in our apartment and move with my husband across the country. 

Is that too much to ask?

Yea, but that's not real life, Krista.

Oh, well in that case...

I still want to throw everything away and get brand new things and hire a maid and professional organizer to make it look pretty so I can stop spending 80% of my time organizing and cleaning. 

I don't have time to even write a well meaning blog post because I look around and see everything I should and need to be doing. Or my nice husband reminds me ;) 

I want to get out of this flow. I want to get rid of everything that is cluttering my life. And I want to get back to having good blog posts and writing. I truly miss it. Who wants cleaning as their hobby?

Goals for August:
Come up with a game plan to get a new job (online courses. quitting?)
 Throw away at least 40% of my storage unit (new things are always better anyway for our future house)
Put our wedding album together to have something pretty to look at on bad days

And you are welcome for the most random, all over the place blog post. 

If this post scared you, please come back soon anyways because I have been asked to review some wine glasses and you know where the best blog posts come from , am I right?

Brought to by....


  1. I was honestly cleaning my house last night and thinking the same thing. What happened to the exciting night with no responsibility, the job we loved....lets get that back!!

  2. Hang in there! Trust me, the house will never be perfectly organized and cleaned... .it's OK.

  3. I know exactly how you feel! I need to come up with a game plan myself.

  4. Yes, us together, we can do it!

  5. Thanks, I'm trying! BUt I'll even settle for just organized and clean, not even perfect..yes, it's that bad LOL

  6. Just those 3 little goals for August have helped me start brainstorming ways to improve so I would suggest start with simple steps first!


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