Our Honeymoon in Kauai: The Beginning

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Remember that post about how we won a free honeymoon? Well, long story short, we needed 90 days notice to book our date..so that didn't exactly work for us. But no worries, we still have a free trip, which is now our anniversary trip! 

This meant we went back to the original plan of Hawaii for our honeymoon! We did have to cut down island hopping due to the price increase (I mean booking your honeymoon not even 3 months before, you will pay serious money) but we decided on Kauai as our only destination. And it was absolutely blissful.

We stayed at the Kauai Beach Resort and it was so beautiful. It was right on the beach so we were able to split time between the pool and the beach but let's be serious. The pool had the drinks so...ya know how that goes.

The hotel is in the process of "going Green" so if you want hot water before 7 when the sun comes up, not going to happen. Yes, I might have been up this early on vacation looking for hot water for the stye in my eye. Sexy I know. But back to the lack of hot water. They now use solar panels to run their hot water heaters which means, no sun, no hot water. But as I said, it's vacation so many people aren't up that early anyway. 

We had the option of eating at the Naupaka Terrace Restaurant for breakfast or dinner. And there was a to-go option restaurant for breakfast, the Naupaka Cafe. All about our wonderful meals as I recap each of our days. And they were all delicious!

Basically, we loved our hotel. The atmosphere was wonderful and it was easy access to all the attractions that we wanted to see. The staff was more than accommodating and we recommend it to anyone thinking of travelling to Kauai that doesn't want the grand price of the Hyatt or Marriott. 

Fun Facts about Kauai

 They have wild chickens EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere. You hear roosters as your wake up call and chickens love to steal your food. Apparently, their predator was never brought to this particular island so they just roam free.

Plastic bags are banned. On the whole island. You will not find any store with a plastic bag. It is all paper bags. And when we made the trip to Wal-Mart (water, snacks, etc.) , we had to purchase our own reusable bags.

Stay tuned for a day to day recap of the whole fun adventure. But let me warn you, no we did not snorkel. I might have an issue with the ocean.


  1. No paper, just reusable at Wal-Mart but other small shops did use paper. And our next trip there will be Maui :)

  2. I know, no saving for a year is pretty sweet!

  3. It was definitely a lot of fun and I can't wait for yours!

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  5. The inn is currently "practicing environmental awareness" so assuming that you need heated water before 7 when the sun comes up, not going to occur. Indeed, I could have been up this right off the bat excursion searching for boiling water for the eye blister in my eye. Provocative I know. Yet, back to the absence of high temp water. They currently utilize sun powered chargers to run their high temp water radiators which implies, no sun, no heated water. In any case, as I said, it's excursion such countless individuals aren't up that early at any rate.


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