Happy Birthday my Love!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

That's right, today this guy turns 25.

Now, let's look at him when he was a just a wee little Moy :)

cutest face right there!! Now he is all growed up...

Welcome to quarter life mister. It isn't all that bad. I mean I've had the total of 9 months experience with it. But if you have a quarter life crisis, I won't judge. But I might judge you for the fact you have played every song this morning that has to do with birthdays....

I am so happy we get to spend a full birthday together! Even if we both seem to be coming down with the sniffle...what's up with that? Wonder what wonderful things we will do?! HMMMMMM.

So thankful you were born on this day because that means you are here! And it also means you get to be the awesomest fiance to me and I am so very lucky. Thank you for everything you do and for being so wonderful. I have had my difficulties with the move but you have made it so much easier and I love you so much for that. Lily also has quite the soft spot for you I think. I mean she has no problem taking my bed spot to snuggle with you.

I am pretty positive 25 will a great year for you. Just a feeling I get ;) And I can't wait for many more birthdays together!

 I love you so much!!

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