Show and tell, it's fall!

Monday, September 3, 2012

OK, well almost.

Two things I can't pass up in the blogging world
1. Fall related topics/posts/etc...
2. New Link-ups!

So of course I couldn't wait to participate in the Show and Tell Link up from one of my blog favs..From Mrs. to Mama.

1. Tell us what you are looking forward to this fall?
Basically, for it to be here. Weather, atmosphere, everything! And we are hoping to get some engagement pictures done with the fall foliage (yes, we are way's ok) So that is obviously very exciting!

2. Show us your fall style.

I Ok, ok this a show not a tell. 

3. Tell us your favorite things to do in the fall. If you have children, activities to do with the kids?

Pumpkin picking.
Pumpkin carving.
Fall decorating.

4. Show us your favorite fall beverage.

5. Tell us, how you will be participating in Halloween this year. Plans? Costume ideas? 

That is a very intriguing question. Usually we celebrate our friend's birthday who just happens to be born on Halloween. So it naturally works out for all of us. As for a costume, I definitely want to plan ahead this year. We are always so last minute. Last year it was Power Rangers, maybe this year we will go for superheroes. My dream!

And of course a very happy labor day! Hope everyone got to celebrate in some way!

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