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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Are a very interesting thing. They come to in during your REM sleep. That's the deep sleep when you can no longer hear doors closing in the next room and neighbors stereo music. We all love that deep sleep. That's the good stuff.

It is said our dreams are a way for our brain to process our days events and that's why we dream about the craziest things. They are also supposed to reveal what our subconscious is trying to tell us. Something we aren't aware of ourselves yet. Say, wanting to move to Texas for example. (yup, keep having this one... weird.)

Personally, I love dreaming. I love reading the dream dictionary to see what it is telling me. It is true, I am one of those. One night I had a bat in my dream. Wasn't Halloween, didn't see one on the TV and didn't read anything about them anywhere so I wondered what this could mean.

To see a bat in your dream symbolizes uncleanness, demons, and annoyances.  Alternatively, bats represent rebirth and unrealized potential. You need to let go of old habits. Your current path is not compatible with your new growth and new goals. It may also indicate some unknown situation and how  you are blindly entering into a situation or deal. You need to evaluate the facts more carefully. The dream may also been a pun on feeling "batty" or feeling crazy. 

Unrealized potential? Unknown situation? Or maybe just batty? I went with just being batty. How different these definitions are doesn't deter me from continuing to believe this. Your mind is a mysterious being and wants to be heard. And now I do sound batty for sure.

Now, I'm sure you are wondering why I am rambling about dreams and their meanings. The reason is that in the past few years since my mom has passed away, dreams have taken on a new meaning for me. She pops up in my dreams here and there and I now see my dreams as a way for my mom to communicate with me.

Just last night, my mom was in my dream. She uprooted my old house (which we are having such a rough time selling) had it put on a truck and she drove it to Georgia. Uh, what??? We have never been to Georgia, we do not have any family in Georgia. So why Georgia, Mom? That one has me scratching my head.

But when I say my Mom is trying to talk to me when she appears in my dreams, this is a good example of this. This dream I think she is telling me it is ok to let the old home, my old home, go. Not just the house, but the place.  I have starting feel moments of sadness being so far away from my family now. I wasn't able to spend the 21st birthday with my little cousin, I can't pop in to see my family as I'm driving around and I just don't see people I know around town. Because this is a new town, with new people.

Don't read more into this though. I love living with my fiance (reference my excitement saying goodbye to the long distance) and I am closer to some friends down here but there are starting to be some moments I miss. So I am convinced this dream my mom wanted me to know it is ok and she's taking the house with her and that's what I need to do. Take my hometown with me, in my heart. This is my new life but I will always carry Harmony in my heart. Deep, I know.

But these dreams are my favorite. I always love waking up from these dreams. I get to see my mom's face and see her alive in my dreams for just a minute. She's vibrant and smiling just how I always want to remember her. I always look forward to having these dreams and I expect a lot more the next year as wedding planning gets really intense. Her telling me to calm down or what not to do. Since she can't tell me in person, she does it through my dreams.

Orrrrr maybe I will just continue to have dreams about my wedding dress having grass stains and the photographer missing. Yes, I am having the wedding nightmares already.

So what do you love about dreaming? Do you read into them or just kind of dismiss them?

I loved the big words today. Feelin' the creativity, 

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