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Thursday, March 31, 2011

This was a post I had thought about last week but never got around to it being out of commission for about 4 or more days. I am now back to 100% and still want to write this.

Last week in sorority world of Alpha Xi Delta was Be Nice to...Week. Being out of school for a couple years it may seem odd to still speak these sentiments but for many reasons it's not. One, it's not 4 years, it's for life.I will always be an Alpha Xi Delta sister. Another reason is because it is not looking back but looking at some of the people that are still my closest friends that I also call 'family' and 'roommate'.

My big.
I'll never forget how much I wanted the moment to call her my big sister. We had our ups and downs but there is not a better friend I could ask for. She helped me grow and always looked out for me. No matter how far apart we are, she will always be my big sister.

My little.
I guess you could say we are almost opposites but I think that's what bonded us. Some say we were attached at the hip during our years at school and it is true. I loved every moment spent in her room and the nights barging in and bothering her. She let me be me, crazy or not :) No matter differences of opinions I love my little sister and couldn't have a better friend. 

My grandlittle.
Recently, we have become very close and I am so thankful for that. We never got to live together in the house but we have formed a great friendship. I have bothered her with my craziness and vice versa. I look forward to sharing all my wisdom with her ;) and how our friendship will continue to grow.

My roommate.
She recently left me for warm Virginia but I guess I can forgive her. I will never forget the first time I met her in her heels. Our friendship strengthened our first year in the house when Marissa would spend countless hours in my room and we would just waste the hours talking. The next year we became roommates. There were moments in each of our lives those 3 years that we needed the other to hold onto and we were each there for each other. Whether it be yelling or crying, it didn't matter. 

Our roommguest.
She just started coming in our room and never left. Her tiny shoes were a staple on our room floor. Her anger management was enjoyable and necessary at times. She listened to my complaints and I to hers. She always provided comedy relief when I needed it and has always been a great friend.  Go Yankees!

Great Grandlitte
Still a wee little baby. Still love her. I contact her for silly things such as what footwear to wear horseback riding haha. I also like to spoil her. 

I have so many people that I was so lucky to meet through my time at Alpha Xi Delta. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful sisters. 

~Chance made us Sisters, choice made us friends~

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