Musical Grey's Anatomy?!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I know there are people saying they didn't like it but I really enjoyed it! It made the drama that much more intense and Sara Ramirez has an excellent voice.

All the songs were previous songs featured in Grey's Anatomy. She started with the opening song of Grey's which was very clever. "How We Operate" was from the episode when Denny was being operated on for his heart.

"The Story" was first featured on the music for Grey's Anatomy special. It was then played again when Private Practice started. 

"Runnin on Sunshine" was played during the time Meredith told Derek and the vet that she just wanted to date. Commence them vying for her love. 

There were definitely more fan favorites and I can't wait to download the songs on ITunes.

Bravo, Chandra Rhimes. Bravo.

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