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Sunday, March 20, 2011

....Cheesy Romantic Comedies. Some of my favorites are

Currently I am watching The Wedding Planner. Girl happens to find a guy that is engaged. She wins him over and he breaks off his engagement with his longtime girlfriend because he is madly in love with the new woman. *Sigh*

This genre of movie makes of the majority of my movie collection and I am no ashamed at all (ok maybe there are a few titles that I might hide towards the back...) These movies have helped me through bf issues, life issues, school issues, stress, etc. etc. It transports you to a time where this man actually exists. And I can guarantee it is true for any woman that watches these movies. 

It's the man that does the cheesiest, romantic things because he loves the woman that a normal real life man won't do. He says all the right thing and makes your heart leap. Maybe it does happen once in a blue moon but if these were true life there wouldn't be Cosmo articles dedicated to these various topics. 

Movies like this transport you to a different place. You know it isn't real but it's ok for that hour and a half to pretend it can actually happen. That place is also where your real life troubles don't exist. Kind of like reality tv but trust me, much better. And as a quote fiend, the romantic quotes just, well, there's no words.

So I will continue to pop in these chick flicks as part of my daily viewing. Either for pick me ups or enjoyable viewing. 

~I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.-- Notting Hill~

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