Got the Bug

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yup. That's right. The past 4 days I have been dealing with the icky stomach bug. 
Let me tell you. Not a picnic. Having not been that sick in many years it through me for a loop. Sparing any details but to say, the couch, bed and ginger ale were my best friends. The computer hasn't been touched for days.

Poor Lily felt the effects of my sickness and refused to be my friend. How dare I be home for days and not give her all the attention. But have no fear, we seemed to have made our peace today.

Thanks to my sister who nicely came home bearing Theraflu (um, Godsend) and Ginger Ale. She also managed to keep my Lily entertained for some time. And thanks to Brian, who suprised me with chicken soup and The Social Network :) 

Upon going back to work today though I have come to a great conclusion. When you take multiple sick days because you are obviously sick (not counting the Oh yea boss I'm so sick' ones) you should be given a free sick day the day after to recover from your sick days. Being sick takes a boatload out of you and if I had another day to rest that would have been just swell. 

Well, that has been my few days. And being as I have used up all the energy I have for the hour, I will be slinking off to bed now. Goodnight.

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