Bring on the Christmas

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

You've seen the memes. The memes saying how Christmas is going to explode now that it's November and the complaints on Facebook about how we skip over Thanksgiving.

I am one of those that is excited it's November 1 and Christmas can be seen everywhere. I am one of those that is excited it's November 1 because a local station starts its Christmas music. I am one of those. The one being given the stink eye for "rushing" Christmas.

When in fact it's not me rushing Christmas. I am not the one that's overspending on my children. I am most definitely not the one shopping on Black Friday/Thanksgiving. That's probably because I used to be one of those people keeping the crowds under control the previous years. But also because I get the true meaning of Christmas, not just about what's under the tree.

I am the one that gives food baskets to our local food bank for someone else's Thanksgiving dinner. I am the one that buys a toy for a child in need, because I was one of those once. A child should always believe Santa remembered him because "On Christmas Night he comes!" That Arthur Christmas gets me every time. I am one that craves the family holidays I used to have, with my whole family together. So maybe I like to be nostalgic for those warm moments a little longer.

I'm just the one that loves the sound of Christmas music. It puts a little something extra in my days. I love Christmas movies because they are all about love and romance under the mistletoe. I am just a person who loves the Christmas spirit. Christmas spirit is about love, happiness and being with family. Isn't that something we are allowed to want a little bit earlier and a little bit more of?

I would never want to overshadow Thanskgiving. I give back at Thanksgiving with donating food baskets to our local food bank and love celebrating with my family (and not to bring blame, but aren't some of the anti-early Christmas people going to shop ON Thanksgiving?) Some of my best holiday memories are around Thanksgiving. Mmeories I will cherish and new memories I can't wait to make with my family. Where I will also be Thanksgiving night.

I just ask that you save the stink eye, passive aggressive statuses about people being excited about Christmas. It might not be about the what's under the tree for them, perhaps it's something a little bit more. And it makes it a little bit clearer why we might just want to spread Christmas cheer like glitter.


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