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Friday, November 6, 2015

Dear people of the world,
(exaggeration, maybe)

Recently, you might have heard of Essena O'Neill quitting social media. She was a very successful Youtube and Instagram star but decided it was all a lie. She was living a lie, she claims. And just quit social media, saying all of her pictures were doctored and she wasn't living an authentic life. 

First off, she's 18. She is still trying to figure out who she is. I get it. You feel like you're being fake, not living who you want to be. Heck, at 18 I was a walking hot mess some days. She is a young girl, on a social platform who thinks she is making a change with social media. But in the end stirring up all kinds

As bloggers, we are all aware of the numbers game. How many followers you need on social media for campaigns is a large factor in getting accepted or not. And the best way to get those followers and get paid is to paint a pretty picture. Let's be honest about that.We're asked to show off our best pictures from Instagram, Pinterest.

How many Instagram classes are there teaching you to have a "likeable" profile? Whether it's bright, cheerful pictures all the time so you catch someones eye or posting your hand holding something every 5 pictures, you need it to look nice, pretty, attractive to get people to like your profile and your pictures. If you have followers, you get likes, if you get likes, you get paid.

Twitter allows you a little bit more transparency with regards to tweeting some complaints or embarrassing moments. But it is also an extension of your Instagram, promoting your brand. It has to look all neat and tied in a bow. It's just the way social media marketing is going with regards to wanting to be successful on it.

I think if we all expect complete transparency on social media, we are kidding ourselves. A person will not willingly show you their weakest moments because sometimes they just want to remember the good times. 3 months ago I had a lot going on but you wouldn't fully know by my social media. It goes with the territory. I wanted to remember my friend's bridal shower, not my grandma's cancer. I want everyone to see my laugh not tears of frustration. And that's not what everyone wants to see anyway. Instagram is meant to be a pretty place to look at pictures and go "oooo" "ahhhh."

The bottom line is, you have to know who you are before you put yourself out there on social media. If you are that fashion blogger that just takes pictures in parks to model clothes and that's something you enjoy, go for it. If you are that blogger that wants to make it to the big leagues so she takes pictures on all white backgrounds, go for it. It's about knowing who you are outside of those spaces and staying true to your own values. And knowing that other people make the same choice as you to do or not do social media.

What are your thoughts on this?


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